Arette Margarita Twin Pack

Arette Margarita Twin Pack

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This twin pack, ready to go Margarita pack (packed in convenient carry case as displayed) includes:

1x Arette Reposado 700ml

A 100% agave Reposado tequila aged for 4-6 months in 190 litre casks previously used to age whiskey at the Early Times Distillery in Kentucky and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Tennessee. This method creates a smooth aroma, its colour and great flavour that distinguishes it like a product of high quality.

1x Monin Margarita Mix 700ml

On-the-rocks, or frozen, this natural mix is perfect for batching up consistent and refreshing margaritas. Hand-squeezed taste with natural citrus flavour that is simple and delicious.  Made with real fruit juice and nothing artificial, this natural concentrate is a perfectly-balanced blend of limes, zesty orange and agave.

50ml Monin Margarita - 50ml Arette Reposado - Add Ice - Shake/Blend - Strain into glass = MARGARTIA TIME!