ImaGINation Reikorangi Triple Distilled Dry Gin 700ml

ImaGINation Reikorangi Triple Distilled Dry Gin 700ml

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GOLD MEDAL: SIP Awards 2019 & 2020
GOLD MEDAL: NZ Spirits Awards 2020
SILVER MEDAL: London Spirit Awards 2020

Made with standard dry gin botanicals - juniper, coriander, cinnamon, licorice root, orris root, orange, lemon and lime - the makers add a tiny amount of manuka hydrosols to create an earthy heart to the gin. Whole citrus fruit is used in the column of the still which creates the initial aroma and a touch more than usual licorice and orris which leaves a sweet spice finish.

Using their own triple distilled spirit base, the juniper and coriander are complemented by the leafy earthness of manuka to create the heart of the gin. Whole NZ oranges, lemons and limes add a refreshing citrus aroma with cinnamon and licorice leaving a sweet lingering spice finish. A contemporary gin with a noticeable rustic craft edge to it.

Drink straight up on ice or with a low sugar tonic like Fever Tree Naturally Light or soda water.