Monte Tondo 'Mito' Soave 2019

Monte Tondo 'Mito' Soave 2019

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Located 20 kms east of fair Verona, lies the small but mighty region of Soave. If the word Soave (pronounced swaav–ay) sounds vaguely familiar but you're not really sure what it is, that could be because in the '70s and '80s it enjoyed huge popularity in Europe and North America. Huge. But after that it seemed to suddenly drop off the face of the earth. Why? Who knows. Possibly because for a long time most Soave was pretty bloody ordinary to say the the least.

But you know what we're going to say now, don't you? Not anymore! There are now loads of fabulous Soave being produced, combining much lower yields to increase concentration of flavour, with modern vinification techniques to achieve bright, crisp, racy and fresh white wines that are just delicious, especially compared to the flabby, diluted and often oxidised wines of old.

The star grape variety is Garganega. There must be at least 70% Garganega in the blend to be called Soave but in fact these days most Soave are produced from 100% Garganega, as is the latest vintage of Monte Tondo 'Mito' Soave.

The last vintage we had sold out in a flash and this one is going to do the same - simple as that. Arriving later this afternoon it's an utterly winning wine. Lime blossom, fleshy peachy fruit, green melon, racy lush acidity and it's just oh-so moreish! It's been a real pleasure re-discovering these incredibly versatile wines recently. You should discover this beauty yourself, and quicksmart, before we drink it all.  :-)