Serpolet, Côtes de Provence  Rosé 2019

Serpolet, Côtes de Provence Rosé 2019

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Provençe is France's leading Rosé region and Domaine Fabre's 'Cuvée Serpolet' is an outstanding example of this. This 400 year old French vineyard located in the heart of Provençe encompasses 550 hectares of vines under the watchful ownership of Henri Fabre. Its mineral rich soils help produce wines with great concentration, purity and complexity. Some have described this style of Rosé as "Pink Chablis"!

Serpolet means "thyme" in French, which grows abundantly around the vineyards in Provençe, and makes its presence felt in the charming aromas

of this Rosé. Made by the iconic Fabre family, who are the largest private wine landholders in the appellation. The wine is a light salmon-pink colour, with a touch of the 'onion skin' hue that is typical of the Appellation. Bright red fruit notes on the nose and easy drinking and delicately fruity on the palate. A very refreshing Rosé, perfect with, or before, a Summer meal.